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Files Printer and Scheduler 4.0.0


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Files Printer and Scheduler
Files Printer and Scheduler is an effective tool specifically developed to solve the problems faced by offices due to unorganized printing. Offices unnecessarily lose precious time in printing on account of unprofessional ways they employ in printing process. This necessitates use of specific software tools which can make printing process orderly. Files Printer and Scheduler has been developed exactly for the same purpose. The software provides whole lot of features to organize printing process and make it precise. One of the most important features of the tool is it allows the user to schedule printing tasks well in advance. To schedule printing tasks user needs just a few clicks of the mouse. They need to just click Open Scheduler button and add files, printer settings and date and time of printing in Scheduler window. Besides Scheduling feature, the tool boasts of many other innovative features which make printing process fast and orderly. Software allows the user to print large number of files at one go. For this user needs to add different files by clicking on add files or add folder. User has the liberty to add files in different formats at the same time. User has to select relevant files after clicking on add files button but on clicking add folders button all files contained in the said folder are added automatically. Now user simply needs to select the printer from list of printers and get the prints. Another useful feature is Directory Watcher adept at tracking files for print. These features makes this Batch printing software highly adept at tasks like Schedule printing, Batch printing, multiple printing etc. The tool allows printing of files in different formats like doc, docx, asp, html, xls, xlsx, ppt, pdf, pptx, rtf, txt etc. or images in formats like jpg, bmp, exif, eml, psd, png, gif, tiff etc. with similar ease. The tool is a must have for offices where large scale printing is done.
Files Printer and Scheduler
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Author: pitchsoft
License: Shareware
Price: $49
File Size: 5.3 MB
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